Massage MMTOM Prague

The present era is very hectic and rushed. Because of the workload, people abandon the rules of proper diet and healthy lifestyle. They are often deprived of a touch of tenderness, caress and cosiness, they lack peace and tranquility. All this can lead to stress, physical tension and unrest. MASSAGE can be a way to calm and relax the body, muscles but also the mind.

What is a massage?

Massage is the oldest form of therapy that may, applying pressure on the muscles and tissues, heal wounds, relieve pain and stress, improve circulation and relieve tension. Massage helps to regenerate vital forces, to eliminate fatigue and stress, to relieving pain.

If rapid lifestyle and lack of time for relaxation, exercise and care for themselves tend to pain of neck, back, arms or legs, try a massage. Massage offers for your soul and body very pleasant rest, deep relaxation and strong relief from pain. For the client, the holistic massage, which is at the same time focused on corporeal, energetic and spiritual needs of man is the optimal choice.

What´s the course of massage?

  • The massage takes place while sitting or lying down on a massage bed.
  • The massaged part of the body is bare, other body parts are covered with a towel and a blanket. It is not necessary to be naked.
  • During the massage pure oil or mixed with different aromas and/or other ingredients (according to the customer need - chocolate, honey, cinnamon, etc.) are used.
  • Massage oils penetrate the skin, which should be clean and dry.
  • Massage should be carried out at least 1.5 hours after a meal.
  • Before the massage, it is appropriate to take off glasses and jewels. For long hair it is advisable to switch them to rubber bands or clip.
  • Before the massage, it is also appropriate to switch off the ringing of a mobile phone so that the massage was not disturbed.

A few words about me...

I am a certified masseur with long-term experience. Massages are performed in the Varšavská 23 salon – see the Contact section. In particular cases I can arrange the mobile massage and come to the client.

I prefer an individual approach to each client. Consultations of client's problems and subsequent consulting will encourage continuous improvement of initial muscle and movement problems. I offer a complete, intuitive holistic massages tailored to the client, which combine the best practices of Western and Eastern schools. But you can also choose one of the native massage technique - their list is in the Massages section.

In the Special offer section you will find continuously updated news and information about current events. Dozens of satisfied clients, who obtained massage services - my references.

I look forward to meeting!                                                                                                     Tomáš Šarapatka, masseur