Breuss massage

Breuss massage​​Pleasant and sensitive massage, which is also very effectively relieves pain in the area of the cross, lumbar and cervical spine, and removes physical and energy blockages.

We perform the massage directly on the spine and along spinal muscles. We use St. John's oil, that enhances the regeneration of intervertebral discs and relaxes stiff spinal muscles. The massage is performed very slowly and by gentle touches. Breuss massage relieves stress and tension around the spine, eliminates back pain and evokes feeling of deep physical and mental relaxation

The appropriate massage length

Massage cosmetics​​30 or 60 minutes


Bechterew's disease, osteoporosis, acute inflammatory conditions, prolapsed disc, low blood pressure, pregnancy.

Warning - St. John's oil is strongly photosensitive. It may cause increased sensitivity to sunlight. Thus, sun exposure or solarium after a massage is not recommended.