Anti-cellulite massage with wrap

Anti-cellulite massage with wrapIt is a combined therapy, in which we begin intensive anti-cellulite massage thighs and buttocks. Subsequently, for further emphasizing of the regenerative process, we can apply either honey detox massage, or the cinnamon wrap on the allready warmed parts filled with blood.

Cinnamon wrap supports the effect of massage and helps to shape the individual parts of the body. At the same time, as in the case of a subsequent honey massage, wrap improves the appearance of skin on the spots affected by cellulitis. Because the cinnamon wrap strongly promotes blood circulation and warms, it accelerates metabolism, detoxification, drain excess water and degradation of Anti-cellulite massage with wrapsubcutaneous fat. This tightens the skin and overall rejuvenates. Entire body perfumed with cinnamon, calm and relaxed mind, this is nice bonus to this intensive massage.

Cinnamon wrap can be applied separately. Since it significantly promotes blood circulation and warms, it helps us always thoroughly warm up cold limbs in the winter or chilly period.

The appropriate massage length

60, 90 minutesAnti-cellulite massage with wrap


Allergy to honey or cinnamon, high blood pressure, varicose veins, open skin wounds, infections, fever, epilepsy, pregnancy. The wrap is not suitable before bedtime.