Anti-cellulite massage

DecorationVery intensive massage therapy, carried out by press of palms and finger-joints and kneading especially in the region of thighs and buttocks. Heat and pressure operate simultaneously, targeted to clusters of fat cells. Compressive touches disrupte fat clusters. Anti-cellulite massage stimulates the metabolism in the subcutaneous tissue and helps the absorption and removal of fat from the tissue. In the same time, it speeds up the regeneration of minor skin damage (stretch marks, cracks), which is then firmer and smoother.

The positive effect is often seen immediately after the first massage, but to reach essential and long-term improvement, repeated treatsments are recommended to undergo during two weeks and then there once a month to maintain the effect.Anti-cellulite massage

The appropriate massage length

30, 60 minutes


Cardiac, vascular and circulatory problems, high blood pressure, varicose veins, open skin wounds, infections, inflammation, pregnancy.