Chocolate massage with wrap

Massage chocolateTreat yourself of the world of pleasure and relaxation using a complete menu. As an appetizer, a relaxing oil massage opens luxury experience. Then we continue with gradual addition of coffee up to the quality peeling. Main course is relaxing body massage by hot chocolate and final relaxing under the chocolate wrap.

This complex pleasure of both the body and spirit is provided by really intense absorption of nutrients into the skin, which is also softened and improved in its elasticity. Hydration and nutrition slow down the process of aging.

Thanks to the total relaxation and revitalization of the body, you will feel great. The skin will be fresh and beautiful, muscles relaxed and rested. The smell of chocolate is just the icing on the cakeMassage chocolate, welcome to the world of luxury care!

The appropriate massage length

120 minutes


Allergy to chocolate, cardiac, vascular and circulatory problems, high blood pressure, varicose veins, open skin wounds, infections, inflammation, pregnancy.