Manual lymphatic drainageManual lymphatic drainage

Slow, gentle tactile technique, based on the targeted application of lightly graded pressure on subcutaneous lymphatic system. It restores and accelerates the flow of lymph within the lymphatic vascular system.

This drainage of subcutaneous tissues relieves swollen and "heavy" legs, mitigates cellulite, accelerates metabolic processes in the body and washes away toxic substances. Lymphatic drainage operates also as prevention of swelling, mitigates migraines and headaches, and supports the overall immunity.Manual lymphatic drainage

The appropriate massage length

30, 60, 90, and exceptionally 120 minutes.

Due to the significant burden for the organism, MLD is not performed as a full body massage, but we can separate the application on two or more areas. Common combinations are the neck+back+arms, legs+buttocks.


Malignant tumors, acute bacterial or Manual lymphatic drainageviral diseases, erysipelas, streptococcus infection, fever, acute vascular diseases, purulent skin wound, glaucoma, pathological pregnancy.

In these cases, physican consent is required: painful or heavy menstruation, pregnancy up to three months, hyperfunction of the thyroid, disease of liver, kidney or heart, heart failure, heart or bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, hypertension, edema.