Hawaii Lomi Lomi massage

Hawaii Lomi Lomi massageIn a place of its origin it is considered to be the sacred ritual of the dance and of "loving hands". The therapy is based on a special Hawaiian techniques and rhythms of high energy potential. It provides the best blend of regeneration and relaxation techniques together. During the massage, we focus only on the present moment and to return the body and soul their common harmony.

For the ultimate experience of massage, just "loving hands" are not enough, we need a "loving heart". You can enjoy the therapy especially when it is done with warm coconut oil.

The Hawaii Lomi massage is naturally offered in the form of the whole-body care (neck, back, buttocks, legs, rear, front legs, hands, décolleté). In certain cases, of course, it is possible to arrange a partial massage.Hawaii Lomi Lomi massage

The appropriate massage length

90, 120 minutes.


Infectious diseases, inflammation, postoperative status, skin problems, open wounds, bruises, burns, varicose veins, pregnancy, big birth marks.