Honey massage

Honey massageHoney massage is a holistic treatment of body and soul. Wide range of touches is joined with healing, antiseptic and detoxifying functions of honey. Mechanical stimulation of the nervous system, reflex points and bloodstream will start the regenerative capacity of the body. On shoulders and back we bear the burden and worries of life. Honey back massage can help you to release and remove this heaviness. Honey detox therapy helps in stress, tension, unhealthy lifestyle, chronic illness, fatigue and exhaustion. Treat yourself to experience very pleasant and extremely powerful and intense moments.

Honey massage can be applied to most parts of the Honey massagebody, but we recommend to choose one of the natural and favorite combinations (back, back and buttocks, legs rear or front). Total honey massage is not performed. Normally, according to your needs, we repeat application of honey 2-3 times, so, the overall therapy would be very long and debilitating.

The appropriate massage length

30, 60, 90 minutes.


Honey massageAllergy to honey and bee products, eczema, rashes, open wounds, internal bleeding - gastric ulcers, stomach bleeding, high ocular pressure, thrombosis, stroke states, pregnancy, menstruation, infectious diseases, oncological diseases.

Immediately after the honey massage, it is not recommended to apply chemicals (such as soap, deodorant, etc.) on the skin, or sunbathing or visiting the solarium for several days after.